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Bohol and Panglao Information


How to get there

Information how to get to Bohol and how to get around you find here.

At the immigration all tourists get a 21-day visa. The days of arrival and departure count as one day. E.g. you arrive on tuesday, your visa will be good until tuesday three weeks later. Visa extensions may be done at the immigration as long as the tourist-visa is valid.

The climate is tropical. Air teperature is around 30 degrees celsius during daytime and around 20 degrees celsius during nighttime. Rainy season is during autumn.

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The Philippine currency is the Philippine Peso (PHP). You are well advised to bring cash money which may be changed at numerous money changers, who offer almost always better rates than the banks. Mayor credit cards are good to pay in shops, but in some cases there will be an aditional fee of 5-7 % for creditcard use. Traveller cheques are not adviseable. There are only a few banks that cash them, but this takes quite a lot of time, the fees are very high and rates bad.
Take every chance to change 500 and 1000 Peso notes into smaller ones (100 and smaller). Often people have not enough change.

Here you find a memorizer for the exchange rates to print out for your wallet. (Service of Oanda)

About your health and a trip into tropical climate, please ask your doctor or pharmacist. Good for your health are:

•A light sun hat (may be bought on Bohol)
•Sun lotion with high SPF (better bring from your country)
•Mosquito repellant (available on Bohol, mosquitos are only active during sunrise and sunset hours, especially in lower areas.
•The abstain of drinking tap water
•The abstain of foods of doubtful origin
•The way of slow motion of the locals, who are already adjusted to the climate.

The Philippines are all in all a safe country, as long as travellers follow the rules which are valid here as in other countries, too:
• Jewellery and expensive watches leave at home or in a banksafe. You are already rich for locals, because you can afford the flight to the Philippines, even you were a backpacker.
• Don´t go on photosafari during the night on empty streets.
• Just carry a small amount of money in your wallet. Put larger amounts of money and creditcards in a safety pocket under your cloths. -Pickpockets are all around the world at crowded places.
Like this, you may discover Bohol, the Philippines and the friendly people without stress.

Official languages are Tagalog and English. Beside these two languages there are many more languages spoken. The advandage is: Most of the people understand and speak English, which makes it easy to communicate with them.

The electricity is 220 V and 60 Hz. The outlets often are US standard, but in the Bohol Vantage Resort there are outlets installed, which fit to US and european plugs.

More information

Wikipedia gives many information about country and history.

Here you get plenty of information about the Philippines and Bohol

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Chocolate Hills Bohol

Chocolate Hills

Bohol Tarsier

Bohol Tarsier


Bohol Ricefield


Bohol Beach

White sand beach on Panglao Island

Bohol Beach

White sand beach on Panglao Island

Bohol Beach

White sand beach on Panglao Island

Bohol Manmade Forest

Manmade Forest

Bohol Loboc River

On the Loboc River

Bohol Loboc River

Loboc River Floating Restaurant

Bohol Loboc River

Loboc River Dance Group

Bohol Hanging Bridge

Hanging Bridge over Loboc River

Bohol Bilar Market

Bilar Public Market

Bohol Blood Compact Site

Blood Compact Site

Sunset over Bohol Strait

Sunset over Bohol Strait

Sunrise over Bohol

Sunrise over Bohol seen from Bohol Vantage Resort

Sunrise over Camiguin

Sunrise over Camiguin Island seen from Bohol Vantage Resort





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